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Welcome to Masseria Copertini
Masseria Copertini is a rural architecture (farmhouse) completed in 1800. Restored and subsequently expanded according to traditional methods, with its star, barrel vault and roof tiles, harmoniously integrates with the surrounding nature and fig trees 'fichi d'india' plantes accentuate the ancient charm. Today it is a cozy farmhouse and an evocative example of rural architecture, surrounded by olive trees, arable fields and typical Mediterranean vegetation. The Masseria and the lodgings are surrounded by lots of greenery and fruit trees that also include ancient fruits. Surrounded by greenery you feel that sense of carefree beauty that is found only in nature.

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We love making you feel at home

It is possible to stay in spacious and comfortable rooms. The atmosphere is quiet and friendly.
The rooms, with exposed stone walls, offer peace of mind, have private bathroom, air conditioning and double overlooking the green areas. Free car parking and Wi-Fi. The rooms have different types. Just write a mail to find the solution that best suits your needs. Availability of an apartment for 4/5 persons.
The breakfast is rich and tasty, with pastries and homemade bread and jams made with the fruits of the farm, hot or cold drinks. On request salty foods, for celiacs and allergy sufferers. In summer it is served under a beautiful arbor and it becomes a pleasant time to start the day.

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For 20 years, traditional dishes

From the entrance "courtyard" of the Masseria you enter the restaurant, crossing an "upstream" limestone pavement, which accentuates the ancient charm of the structure and prepares you for the discovery of flavours.
The Lilith Restaurant, which we host in our farmhouse, is under another management and is part of the Slow Food Alliance. It offers dishes prepared with fresh, seasonal raw materials from Slow Food Presidia or local farmers. Excellent wine list.
In the summer you eat outside in the orchard courtyard, in a charming and relaxing space.

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In the heart of Salento

Just ten kilometers from Lecce and four of the enchanting Salento's beaches, in the picturesque countryside, stands the Masseria Copertini, a striking example of rural architecture, featuring a comfortable apartment and cozy rooms opening onto shaded gardens between drywall walls.
In this pleasant place you can spend an unforgettable stay, immersed in a fresh Mediterranean garden, wrapped in the scent of flowers and ancient fruits.
To complete your vacation tasty Salento cuisine will introduce all the delights of the area. Breakfast at the restaurant is rich and tasty, with homemade cakes and breads and jams prepared with farm produce, hot or cold drinks. On request celiac, fruit or salty foods.

The climatic mild climate even in winter is the ideal place to live the Salento all year long. Particularly suitable for enjoying the sea, from April to October.
The seascape shows its greatest beauty in less crowded times and swimming or getting massaged by the water makes you feel like staying in a spa that only nature can give generously.
From us all year round can be vacation! The seasons in Salento are tempered by generous nature. Whether it is a simple walk through the country or the sea, or in the alleys of the historic centers of the amber colors of the Lecce stone, it is inevitable to perceive the energy given by the light and shadow games that only the particular brightness of the southern sun can give.

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